Welcome to Fusungta Australia and Akari’s state-of-the-art entertainment furniture.

Akari has identified and achieved the highly challenging design goals of entertainment furniture, providing furniture that:


  • Complements but never overwhelms the aesthetics of the electronic equipment it displays.
  • Artfully conceals peripheral hardware, wires and media, enhancing equipment aesthetics.
  • Provides dust and heat protection while fully revealing the equipment’s beauty and never hindering its accessibility.
  • Balances form and function while meeting the size and décor requirements of the surrounding room.
  • Is easy to manoeuvre and easy to assemble.

Akari achieves those design goals by employing brilliant innovation in design, material selection and manufacturing processes.  That’s why, since our founding in 1998, Fusungta has been proud to be Australia’s exclusive distributor of Akari entertainment furniture. 



Whether you are well-researched and know exactly what you want, or need a bit of product education about all the choices and possibilities available, we provide the variety and expertise you need to purchase with confidence.

From mounting brackets to state-of-the-art entertainment
centres, we have selections in the exact size and style you want.



In addition to providing an unparalleled selection, Akari is fully committed to achieving excellence in product quality.

Akari demonstrates this commitment to quality by taking a methodical, highly disciplined approach to its pursuit. The company adheres to strict, ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control systems.

By earning ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, Akari has also demonstrated a commitment to ethical, environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Akari’s commitment to quality and innovation enables you to buy with confidence—knowing that you are buying the very best quality and value in home entertainment furniture.